Samsung: No More Galaxy Tablet Keyboard Docks from Us

The docks for Galaxy Note 10.1, Tab 10 and Tab 2 have been scrapped

It's not easy to learn that your favorite gadget accessory has been axed, but Samsung has reached the conclusion that its keyboard docks don't qualify as favorite to most people.

Because of that, it will no longer make keyboard docks for the Galaxy Note 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 10, and the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 tablets.

Fortunately, the company will offer an alternative, a better one it thinks.

The single keyboard dock is to be replaced with a tablet stand that has a dock connector for tablet recharging.

That way, only those who really want to type a lot on their keyboards can buy a Bluetooth keyboard, but everyone will have an easy way to hold the tablet up and charge it if needed.

No price has been mentioned for the new Samsung Bluetooth keyboard though.

UK retailer Clove was the first to learn of all this.

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