Samsung N120 Available for Pre-Order

Specifications are yet to be confirmed

Probably following in the footsteps of ASUS, Samsung has recently unveiled a number of new netbook models, all of which have been designed to take advantage of Intel's highly successful Atom platform. Released back in late March, the company's new N110, N120 and N310 netbooks have already been made available for pre-order, providing netbook enthusiasts with a few more options to choose from in this increasing market for small, ultra-portable computer systems.


One of the latest to be made available for purchase is the N120, which comes as yet another Intel Atom-based 10-inch netbook, featuring a line of technical specifications that is roughly similar to the N110 model. Available on various online retailers, the Samsung N120 is priced between $443 and $475.


With the N120 Samsung has designed a netbook that combines a 10.1-inch display with a full-sized keyboard from a 12.1-inch notebook system. Based on an Intel Atom processor, the netbook promises to provide its users with about 10.5 hours of runtime, all from a 6-cell battery pack. That feature alone is enough to make the N120 stand out from the crowd, as it makes the system one of the best offerings on the market.


Although the specifications of the N120 are yet to become official, we can assume that, like most netbooks on the market, this will also be featured with a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM memory. When it will become available the N120 will be offered in both white and black versions. The fellows over at slashgear have put up some links of the retailers that have already listed the netbook.


Over the past months, a number of companies have increased their netbook offering, as market watchers are estimating that this PC segment will continue to grow significantly throughout the year. This could only benefit Intel, which is by far the leading provider of netbook processing units, thanks to its Atom lineup.

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