Samsung Mobile Tracker Recovers Lost Phones

A solution for keeping track of your mobile phone

The high rate of lost mobile phones has increased in time along with the growing number of handheld users. For this, Samsung has developed a Mobile Tracker that will make it easier to recover the lost phones.

Samsung has already released three mobile phones that come with the Mobile Tracker system integrated. At the beginning of the year, this company released E250, X520 and C140 mobile phones which also include an SOS Alert feature. This allows quick access to 10 predefined numbers in order to quickly send a distress SMS message.

Now, Samsung has decided to create a national database for lost and stolen handphones. This comes as an extension of the Mobile Tracker system which has been launched several moths ago.

Mr. Alex Wong, Director of Sales and Marketing, Handphone Marketing, Samsung Malaysia Electronics said that "Samsung commends the Government's efforts in raising the bar on the delivery of customer service to handphone users nationwide. With more than 100,000 handphones reported lost in 2006 alone, the introduction of this database is precisely what the industry has been waiting for all this while".

Even more, the system might also prove useful in the case of stolen mobile phones, and not only of the lost ones. This is ensured by the technology that Mobile Tracker uses. Every time a new SIM card is inserted in the mobile phone, two pre-selected phone numbers automatically receive a prompt informing on the contact number of the new user. Interesting enough, this process takes place without the knowledge of the new user of the handset.

Samsung intends on taking the Mobile Tracker concept even further. The database is just one step in making it available for a wider range of mobile phones in the near future. Even more, they are currently working with the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in order to help even more consumers to benefit from the Mobile Tracker feature on their mobile phones.

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