Samsung Might Not Be the Only One Dumping Windows RT

Its decision to blast the ARM-compatible version of Windows 8 might be echoed by others

We've only just reported on Samsung's poor opinion of Microsoft's Windows RT operating system, and how that opinion has caused it to decide against launching tablets loaded with it in the US.

The main complaint Samsung has is that the cost of educating the consumer in the use of Windows RT tablets is too high.

Samsung also feels that demand has proven too poor to justify an aggressive marketing plan.

The silver lining is that Samsung hasn't completely dismissed the US as a potential market.

Nevertheless, Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, and there is a high chance that other IT product makers will follow its lead and lay off the Windows RT promos and tablets.

All in all, everything stems, Samsung feels, from the completely different direction Microsoft chose when designing Windows 8/RT, and the difficulties that ensued from having to teach customers how to use the OS to its full capacity.

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