Samsung Might Have to Concede Even More to Apple in Antitrust Case

If it wants to end the legal battles, it will need to bend to the EU Commission

As if it's not bad enough that Samsung has to pay well beyond one billion dollars in damages to Apple, it might have to swallow a few more bitter pills if the European Commission has its way.

Like in the USA, under the auspice of the San Jose, California district court, Samsung isn't gaining ground in Europe.

In fact, it is losing more and more to its rival, according to Joaquin Almunia, vice-president of the European Commission and commissioner responsible for competition.

Two months ago, Samsung tried to end the proceedings in Europe, seeking a compromise (mostly involving damage pay).

Alas, the corporation may have to offer some more concessions to make that happen. I'll be sure to notify you if any products are banned.

Don't be too worried though. The devices (tablets/phones) it and Apple are fighting over are pretty old at this point, so even if they get banned, there are other, newer ones for them to bang heads over.

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