Samsung Mandel Windows Phone Poses for the Camera with AT&T Logo

The smartphone has already received Bluetooth and FCC approvals

Samsung Mandel, also known as SGH-i667, is no news. The smartphone has been spotted for the first time back in January and we thought it will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the only Windows Phone introduced at that time was the Lumia 900, which is now about to make its European debut.

The Mandel appeared one month later at FCC (Federal Communications Commission) where it received approval. Even though it has received all the necessary approvals, Samsung Mandel has yet to go official.

Recently spotted in Asia, Samsung Mandel features a glossy white battery cover and a rounded back.

Although the smartphone was only pictured from the back, it looks like the source of the leak also took a shot from the Zune Desktop while the phone was connected to the PC.

This picture reveals that the SGH-i667 might be in fact a second-tier Windows Phone device. According to Zune, the smartphone packs 8GB of internal memory, but only 5.41 GB are user available.

Aside from the fact that it supports LTE connectivity, we don’t have any additional information regarding Mandel’s specs sheet, but there’s nothing else that would make us believe this is a high-end smartphone.

Last but not least, AT&T’s logo appears on the front part of the phone, but only in the image pulled from Microsoft’s servers via Zune Desktop software.

We doubt that Samsung Mandel will ever make it to United States via AT&T, especially given the fact that the carrier has already launched a much better Windows Phone device, the Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia’s Windows Phone flagship device is currently one of the most popular smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform and AT&T confirmed that sales of Lumia 900 exceeded all expectations.

Launching the Samsung Mandel in the following weeks won’t bring the phone the popularity it needs to be a success on the market, unless the South Korean company redesigns the phone completely.


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