Samsung Makes Record Profit in Q4 2012, $8.3 Billion (6.33 Billion Euro)

The company is currently valued at $230 billion / 175 billion Euro

Even amidst the many product announcements at CES 2013, Samsung had enough time to reveal its financial tally for the last quarter of the previous year, and there was definitely a large profit involved.

Samsung seems to have moved particularly quickly, probably because it was eager to announce yet another personal record.

It also helped that the company only had to figure out where it stood for a single quarter, or three-month period, rather than the whole year.

Long story short, Samsung made a profit of no less than $8.3 billion, which translates into 6.33 billion Euro according to exchange rates.

That puts the value of the whole company, as we mentioned in the subtitle, at $230 billion / 175 billion Euro.

Smartphone sales did a lot of the work, since Samsung had 37 different models last year. Displays and all other product categories did their part too, though.

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