Samsung Launches Premium Suite Upgrade for GALAXY S III

The update is now available for download in the UK

Samsung announced some time ago that it would release a special update for Galaxy S III devices, which will include some of the features offered by Galaxy Note II.

Dubbed Premium Suite, the upgrade was slated for Q4 2012, though the rollout of the update might take more than a month to reach all Galaxy S III units.

The good news is that Samsung has just launched the Premium Suite upgrade, Eurodroid reports. The update is now available for download in the UK, and it will slowly be released in additional countries.

As we have already mentioned, the Premium Suite upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S III includes many of the innovative and productive features newly introduced by the Galaxy Note II, such as:

- Multi Window: Effortlessly utilize two different applications side-by-side simultaneously for an ultimate multitasking experience;

- Through Samsung Gallery users view more photos at the same time and also intuitively create and categorize photos and videos;

- Exclusive to Samsung, the Paper Artist app offers a variety of fun and creative picture-taking effects. It also provides intuitive emotional photo editing functions such as the brush coloring tool.

It will also enhance the camera with new features and improvements, such as “Best Face,” Low Light mode, and better Panorama mode.

Some contextual awareness features will be added as well, including the ones listed below:

- Contextual Tag: tag friends/location/date to the photos/videos/voice memo taken or recorded;

- Contextual Page: the device detects when the earphones are plugged in, automatically opening up the music player.

Although Samsung UK is a bit unclear regarding the availability of the update in other countries, we expect more details to emerge in the next few days. For more details on the new features and improvements brought by the Premium Suite upgrade, you may want to check out the videos below.

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