Samsung: Jury Foreman Deliberately Lied, Apple Patent War Resumes

The company says Velvin Hogan was deliberately dishonest

After the crushing defeat suffered during the first round of the patent war against Apple, Samsung gathered all the resources and legal acumen it had and moved to have the whole trial reset, on the grounds of jury misconduct.

During the first phase of the trial being held under the eyes of a jury in the San José, California district court, everyone, even Judge Lucy Koh, made it sound as though both sides had a point.

Then came the verdict, and it could not have been more favorable to Apple unless every item said to have infringed its patents got banned then and there.

Later on, the jury's foreman Velvin Hogan agreed to some interviews, none of which ended up painting him in a positive light.

Regardless of how happy Apple's fans were at the time, there were plenty of incensed Samsung supporters too, and they ripped into him with all they had.

Naturally, since it was all a public affair, Samsung decided to use it to its advantage.

It is still unclear if anything will come of its newest campaign, but the company is definitely showing how viable it considers the first verdict, namely not at all.

While Apple is appealing the decision not to ban some products, Samsung wants the lawsuit to start over, saying that Hogan was “deliberately dishonest” when he was appointed to guide the other jurors.

Samsung attorney John Quinn launched into a harsh argument at the end of the first hearing, stating that Hogan lied about his previous lawsuit against Seagate. He wants the man and the other jurors brought in as witnesses to be questioned about him and the impact of his presence.

Needless to say, Apple completely disapproves of the motion, saying it is outrageous that Hogan is being called a liar and that it is unlikely that he lied about an event from 19 years ago just to cause harm.

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