Samsung Intros New Naming Scheme for Galaxy Smartphones

Roughly two years ago, things were simple when it came to Samsung's series of Galaxy Android-based mobile phones, as there were not too many handsets there to get confused about.

Today, however, things are a bit more complicated, as the mobile phone maker has already launched a great deal of Android phones and has plans for launching some more of them.

In addition to the high-end series of mobile phones like the Galaxy S or the Galaxy S II, the company also came up with more affordable but lower spec'd devices, and unveiled plans to name them differently than before.

A new naming scheme has been put in place for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, though the Galaxy S handsets will remain top of the line, it seems.

The S in their name is said to come from Super Smart, and shows that these are high-end devices, such as the company's latest flagship, the Galaxy S II.

Next in line will come the company's Galaxy R series, which stands for Royal. These should be premium devices, capable of offering both increased performance levels, as well as appealing design and all of the productivity capabilities that users might be looking for.

The Galaxy family of devices will also include the W series, which stands for Wonder, it seems, and which should include models that can deliver high-quality.

Moreover, the family will include M devices (Magical), with appealing hardware specifications and affordable price tags.

Samsung also announced that there would be a series of Galaxy smartphones included in the Y (Young) range, which are entry-level phones aimed mainly at emerging markets around the world.

But this is not all. The company will also launch handsets in sub-classes, such as those who will include Plus in their name, and which will be upgrades for existing models.

Moreover, there will be the QWERTY-enabled devices included in the Pro series, and phones with LTE capabilities that will sport the “LTE” part in their name.


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