Samsung Intercept on Prepay at Virgin Mobile USA

Wireless carrier Virgin Mobile USA has just announced the launch of a new device on its airwaves, the Samsung Intercept, the first Android-based smartphone on its airwaves.

The new mobile phone should be offered on a prepaid basis to the carrier's users when put on sale in mid-October via the company's website. Virgin Mobile USA plans on making the new smartphone available with a price tag of $249.99 attached to it.

This is the firs Android-based device that makes its way to the wireless carrier's affordable, no-contract lineup of handset and service offerings, and should become available for purchase via other major retailers throughout the month.

“As smartphone users come up for contract renewal and examine their monthly costs, they will start to wonder why they are paying more each month when they can get similar services from Virgin Mobile at a fraction of the price,” said Bob Stohrer, vice president-Marketing, Virgin Mobile USA.

“With the Samsung Intercept on Android, Virgin Mobile is leading its customers into new, eagerly awaited territory while expanding our potential customer base.”

The specifications list of the new device includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, complemented by a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Moreover, the new phone comes with a 3.2-megapixel photo snapper with video recording capabilities, as well as with various multimedia capabilities.

Not to mention that it should land on shelves with a wide range of pre-loaded applications and services, including You Tube, Facebook and Google Talk, Google Maps, Gmail, and others more.

Some of the main features of the new device include: Contact and calendar sync via ActiveSync, Android Web browser, Access to the Amazon MP3 store, Document file viewer, Dedicated keys for quick access to social networking, or Built-in music player.

“The Android device gives Virgin Mobile customers full integration of social networking apps, Microsoft Outlook Exchange e-mail and advanced messaging capabilities,” the wireless carrier announced.

Moreover, the new mobile phone comes with fast access to the Android Market, where users can find over 80,000 applications available for download.

“The Samsung Intercept, paired with Virgin Mobile’s no contract Beyond Talk service options at $25, $40 and $60 a month, offers one of the best smartphone values in the industry,” the operator concluded.

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