Samsung Gets the Crown for Biggest and Baddest 3D TV

Whether intentional or not, it looks like makers of displays are locked in a sort of contest to see who gets to make the largest model, and it looks like the most recent company to get the top position is Samsung.

The thing about high-end displays, as with all other sorts of IT products, is that they can only really be afforded by users with very solid finances.

As such, the price is not as consequential as one might think, so companies sometimes decide to go over the top.

What has been happening on the display market in regards to the 3D display mode is an example of a situation when companies are going all out.

A display classifies as high-end even without having 3D, but some don't mind paying extra for that feature, especially when the panel is enormous enough that bank accounts will suffer anyhow.

That said, Samsung delivered the word's largest 3D HDTV yet, one bearing the name of D9500 and featuring a diagonal of no less than 75 inches.

It doesn't have any miraculous technology to remove the need for glasses, but its sheer size makes it something of a home cinema, so viewers will probably complain very little, if at all, about the bulky eyewear.

The refresh rate is of 240 Hz, double the one minimum for properly relaying two sets of images (for the right and left eyes, respectively).

Samsung employed a so-called Black Diamond Panel, which makes sure viewing angles are never an issue either.

The resolution is, of course, Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), while the LED backlighting not only ensures power efficiency, but also a high level of image brightness.

Finally, Smart TV capabilities are implemented (can be controlled by a QWERTY remote) and the price is said to be of around $17,600, although the exact figure is still unclear.

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