Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000 More Specs Revealed

More rumors are surfacing the Internet and place the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000 at the beginning of September at the IFA 2010 event. Further, we received more information regarding its specs and software.

According to the guys over Samsungfirmware, who stumbled upon a working Samsung Tab, the gadget will surely be announced and showcased at the IFA 2010 event, that will take place in Berlin between 3-8 September.

The above mentioned website also lists some of the main features of the tablet, which seem pretty impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000 is said to come with a 7.0-inch touch screen that supports 480x800 pixels resolution.

It is powered by an ARM11 S5PC110 1.0GHz processor and includes a 3.2-megapixel camera, as well as a front camera (240x320 pixels resolution).

Other highlights of the tablet include: FlashPlayer, GPS (with Google Maps), WiFi connectivity, SyncML support, Swype, JavaScript 1.5 and Bluetooth connectivity (unknown version).

The gadget seems to be running the latest Android 2.2 operating system, which was built on August 10th. This is in fact the third version of the firmware and is probably subject to changes until the final release is launched in September.

While rumors predict a possible launch at Vodafone UK for the next month, inside sources say that the carrier does not have a release date set for the device yet.

This probably means that Vodafone UK will probably get the tablet in the coming months, and another carrier will receive it first.

There are no information about its pricing, but bear in mind that this gimmick has almost the same features as the highly-acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S, so expect a price within its range.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 is one the first Android tablets expected from the Korean handset manufacturer and it doesn't features any phone capabilities.

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