Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Receives FCC Approvals

The successor of Galaxy Tab to arrive on shelves soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the latest tablet PC from the South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung to have received the blessings from the Federal Communication Commission.

The new tablet PC is only about four-week old, since Samsung unveiled it to the world at the IFA 2011 show in Berlin, but it is already making its way to shelves, it seems.

For those out of the loop, we should note that this is the successor of last year's Samsung Galaxy Tab device, and that it packs not only a larger screen, but also a more powerful application processor and enhanced performance capabilities.

As stated above, Samsung unveiled the new device at the IFA 2011 trade fair, yet the company had it displayed at its booth only for a few days.

Sales of the tablet have been banned in Germany, and the handset vendor was forced to remove both the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and all marketing materials mentioning it from the floor of the event.

However, it seems that Samsung is still working on bringing the device to shelves, and that it might have it available for purchase in the United States as well in the near future.

The tablet that was spotted at the FCC is reportedly packing only WiFi connectivity, though Samsung also unveiled 3G-capable flavors.

Of course, the fact that the device has passed FCC approvals does not suggest that it might be launched on the US market too, but we wouldn't see Samsung not planning such a release.

The new device includes a dual-core application processor, along with the aforementioned larger 7.7-inch screen, and a minimum of 16GB of internal memory. The same as its predecessor, it runs under Android.

We had the chance to have a closer look at the device during the IFA show just before it was removed from the Samsung booth, and you can learn some more details on it from our hands-on at the time.

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