Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus Might Have LTE, Gets Bluetooth Certification

Its wireless connectivity might be the broadest yet on the tablet market

In order to attain its goal of selling twice as many tablets this year than in 2012, Samsung will have to improve its new items as much as possible, and the latest rumor about the GT-P8200 seems to suggest the company is definitely doing that.

GT-P8200 is the part number associated with the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus tablet, and all of its variations for that matter.

According to Bluetooth SIG, there might be a special reason to look forward to this particular Android tablet.

While there will be a “normal” version of the device with only Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth, there will be one with LTE as well.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is the name of the broadband technology that exceeds 3G in speed but is not fast enough to qualify as 4G. Thus, it is a stepping stone, of sorts.

Bluetooth SIG actually reported that GT-P8200 had gained Bluetooth Certification, but that was a foregone conclusion, so the LTE is more of a reason to pay attention right now.

Though it is still unclear if the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will be released sooner rather than later, we can at least guess how many versions there will be.

One will be the tablet with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Another will have LTE on top of those. The latter may have cellular support (phone calls) or Samsung could go that extra mile and, besides the standard LTE slate, launch a third tablet with LTE and voice call technology.

Regardless, all will use the Samsung Exynos 5 SoC (dual-core with 1.7 GHz clock speed) and a 10-inch, 2560 by 1600 pixel display. It will put the device in direct competition with the Google Nexus 10, but since that one is also manufactured by Samsung, the company stands to lose precisely nothing.

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