Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Released in South Korea

The 8-inch device will sell for 400,000 won / $356 / €266, give or take

Here is a tablet that lacks 3G support: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, where 8.0 stands for the size of the screen: 8 inches. This particular slate is actually old news, in a sense, due to how long people have been whispering about it.

While it is only now becoming available in the company's home market of South Korea, it has been the talk of the web for some time.

Then again, with all the fuss Samsung's patent war with Apple kicked up over the years, there's no way people will miss the emergence of a tablet.

Anyway, the galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is an 8-inch slate with a price of 400,000 won, which corresponds, give or take, to $356 and €266, according to exchange rates.

Which means that, given price histories in the region, the selling point will be closer to $379 – 400 / €379 – 400.

The money will get you a 1.5 GHz dual-core ARM processor, 1.5 GB of RAM (random access memory), two cameras (5 MP on the back, 1.3 MP on the front), a microSD card slot, and, of course, the 8-inch LCD of WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels).

The hardware is run by a 4450 mAh battery, which should last for a few good hours, maybe even the whole day. We're not exactly clear on the charge lifespan though.

That's mostly it for the hardware side of things. The software side mentioned the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, Dual View support, Sony Story Album app, Sound and Shot, Reading Mode, Group Play, S Translator, etc.

Many of these programs will make full use of the Wi-Fi connection included in the slate. On that note, buyers will be able to access the Google Play store and download any of the hundreds of thousands of extra apps there. That comes with being an Android tablet really.

All in all, the product weighs 314 grams / 0.62 pounds and has a thickness of 7.4 mm / 0.29 inches.

As for design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is white, but should ship in black and, eventually, in gold-brown as well.

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