Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still Banned in Australia Until December 9

Australian court grants Apple an extra respite of seven days

The ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung tablet may have been officially overturned, but Samsung is still not allowed to start shipping the item in Australia, not until December 9, 2011.

A few days ago, it was decided that the original injunction against the 10.1-inch Android tablet really was unjust.

As such, the judges who oversaw the appeal lifted the ban, although Samsung was only supposed to be able to start sales today (Friday, December 2, 2011).

That didn't happen, as the court decided to grant Apple another week, which means that the Tab 10.1 won't start shipping before December 9.

Until then, the high Court will have time to decide if it lets Apple appeal this latest decision.

"The High Court of Australia has granted a stay until December 9 to allow it to consider whether to accept Apple's application for special leave to appeal," Samsung said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Apple said, in its initial case, that if the Galaxy Tab 10.1 got a green light, it could inflict considerable damage on the company.

As such, it isn't about to back down and, sure enough, it is pressing the fight on every front it can.

Even when the news about the Australian ban being overturned came in, it walked in tow with the report that Apple had filed a lawsuit against the Galaxy Tab 10.1N as well.

For those who want a reminder, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N is identical to the original, with the exception of the enclosure.

Samsung made it specifically to bypass the ban in Germany but, naturally, Apple wants it gone as well.

One would think that a company whose iPad is selling better than all other tablets put together would not feel overly threatened. Then again, the US patent system is what it is.

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