Samsung Galaxy S5 Confirmed to Arrive with Fingerprint Scanner, Physical Buttons

The fingerprint sensor will be implemented under the Home button

There have been lots of rumors claiming Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first smartphone launched by the South Korean company to feature an actual fingerprint scanner.

Although we initially thought the fingerprint scanner would be built inside the phone's display, so that users can put their fingers on the screen when they want to wake up the Galaxy S5, it appears that Samsung thought otherwise.

The folks over at SamMobile have been tipped from multiple insiders that Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed come with a fingerprint sensor under the hood, but it won't be included in the phone's display.

Instead, the South Korean company chose to put it under the Home button. This means that Samsung Galaxy S5 will not feature on-screen touch keys, so fans of physical buttons will probably be pleased to hear these have been kept for the upcoming flagship smartphone as well.

According to the cited source, the fingerprint sensor under the Home button will act like a swiping mechanism where users will be able to have their fingerprints scanned when they swipe the entire pad of their fingers.

However, it appears that the fingerprint sensors will be pretty sensible to moisture, so you won't be able to have your fingerprint scanned with your fingers wet.

Furthermore, Samsung plans to embed the fingerprint process inside the operating system as well, so users will be able to register up to 8 fingerprints and assign each a different task.

In addition, they can also be used as application shortcut, but keep in mind that at least one of the these 8 fingerprints must be used to unlock the phone.

Last but not least, Samsung is said to have made it possible for Galaxy S5 owners to keep private data inside a Personal Folder and/or Private Mod, which can be accessed via fingerprint scanner.

The option to verify a Samsung account with you fingerprint will be included as well, and the real-image of your fingerprint will be shown on the display while swiping your finger over the Home button.

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