Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom May or May Not Be SM-C1010

The device may or may not be the presumed successor we saw before

The Galaxy Camera turned out to be a very successful experiment, even though its merger of a camera concept with a smartphone didn't extend to including support for actual voice calls.

This feature will make it to the successor of the Galaxy Camera though, which we haven't really figured out the name of.

There are two possibilities, and they may even turn out to be one and the same things.

Previously, we have written about the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the very first camera phone that Samsung would launch at some point in the near future.

Now we have a rumor coming from SamMobile, a rumor that says the company is working on the SM-C1010. Previously, we have said that S4 Zoom is the same item, but now it seems this isn't so certain.

SamMobile says SM-C1010 is the so-called successor to the Galaxy Camera, something Bluetooth SIG and Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru (translated) seem to agree on, but Bluetooth SIG's website gives the SM-C101 model number, which may or may not be the same device.

From all the sources we gather that the camera relies on a 16-megapixel image sensor and has 8 GB of built-in storage space, a microSD card slot, a 4.3-inch AMOLED display (for comparison, the Galaxy Camera has a 4.8-inch display) and 8 GB of storage space.

Obviously, the microSD card slot allows lots of extra Gigabytes to be added to those 8, probably 64 maximum.

Other specifications include a 10x zoom (lower than Galaxy Camera's 21x), Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy support, and an ear piece.

Sadly, we do not know when and where the point-and-shoot Android camera phone will arrive on the market, not exactly.

The tag will depend on whether the ARM CPU inside is a quad-core or dual-core, and the amount of memory. Both black and white color options will be offered.

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