Samsung Galaxy S Hits 800K Units Sold in South Korea

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has managed to sell an impressive number of Galaxy S devices in its homeland during the past two months. The total number of Android-based Galaxy S units sold in South Korea already reached 800,000, proving that the handset is one of the hottest mobile phones the company launched in 2010.

Moreover, the impressive sales of Samsung Galaxy S (SHW-M110S) can easily prove that this could turn into the fastest selling smartphone on the South Korean market.

One of the most popular devices in the world, the Apple iPhone, was sold in over 800,00 units in about eight months since its official launch, far slower than what Galaxy S shows at the moment.

The said units sold mark was reached in only 55 days since the Android-based mobile phone landed in the market, showing that it maintained the strong momentum it had ever since its release.

Several weeks ago, Samsung announced that Galaxy S managed to surpass the one million units sold mark around the world, and that it aims at selling the ten millionth device in the near future.

In addition to having the Galaxy S sold in 800k units in South Korea, Samsung managed to achieve another important milestone, reaching a number of 4 million downloads from its Samsung App Store in the homeland.

Launched in December last year, the app store had its 4 millionth download registered on August 15, a pretty impressive figure when considering that the portal includes only a number of over 700 applications.

According to a recent article on Samsung Hub, some of the top downloaded applications for the past days include Asphalt 5, Hangul Bible, or Makeup Beauty.

Another worth mentioning achievement for the mobile phone maker is the fact that its software portal for the bada OS managed to surpass 6 million application downloads all around the world.

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