Samsung Galaxy Note II Receiving Android 4.3 Update at Verizon

It brings Galaxy Gear support and Samsung KNOX compatibility

We reported last week that Verizon and Samsung had started to test the highly anticipated Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Note II. Some of Big Red's customers claimed that they had already received the upgrade, but that was only a partial rollout of the update.

Today, Verizon has confirmed that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Note II is available for download OTA (over the air). Keep in mind though that this is a staged rollout, which means that not all Galaxy Note II will receive the update at the same time.

The update is 246MB in size, so we recommend users to have their battery charged for at least 50% in order to avoid data loss. Downloading via Wi-Fi network will also speed up the upgrade process, so make sure you have access to a stable one.

Aside from bringing the Galaxy Note II's software to version 4.3, the update also adds lots of new features and improvements. Here are some of the enhancements included in this update:

- extended battery life when using Exchange mail;

- callback number will display properly in received text messages;

- Viewdini application has been removed. Previously downloaded app will not be lost;

- Apps can be moved to SD Cars (this only works if the devs of the application supports this feature);

- Voicemail notifications;

- Google Maps;

- Wi-Fi performance.

According to the official changelog, some upgrades have been made in some categories as well. You can find these changes detailed below.

- PenUp has been upgraded to Note 3 version;

- MultiWindow has been updated to the Note 3 version (including more apps in the MutiWindow tray);

- Sound and Shot has been improved on the camera;

- Bluetooth Smart Ready Low Energy feature has been enhanced;

- Roaming on the TELUS carrier.

Some applications previously installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have had their names changed: AllShare Play is now Samsung Link; AllShare Cast is now Screen Monitorig and Media & Music is SamsungHub.

Last but not least, some new applications have been included such as VMWare (with Dual Persona and Device Security), Amazon Appstore (updated to the latest version) and Amazon Widget (updated to the latest version).

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