Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Concept Phone Spotted

It might be powered by the previously rumored 8-core Samsung Exynos CPU

Following the release of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II phablets, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung might be considering the launch of a third smartphone in the series, and enthusiasts have already started to dream of what the phone could be all about.

Supposedly dubbed Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the device is expected to land on shelves with a nice range of hardware enhancements when compared to existing smartphones, although there’s no confirmation on the handset’s existence as of yet.

However, Victor Greavu (via concept-phones) did think of it, and came up with an early Galaxy Note 3 concept device, which can be admired in the photo to the left.

Set to hit shelves in the second part of the next year, the device might pack the already rumored 8-core Samsung Exynos CPU, or another next-gen chipset from the company.

The concept phone might feature the same 5.5-inch screen as Galaxy Note II (though a 6.3-inch touchscreen display was also rumored for it), but capable of delivering a full HD resolution, which would be a nice enhancement over the previously released models.

Furthermore, the device is said to feature 2GB or 3GB of RAM packed inside, along with a thin body, at only 7 mm. As the photo above also shows, the concept device packs a very thin bezel and no hardware buttons.

Although no info on this has been provided, the Galaxy Note 3 concept certainly runs under one of the latest flavors of the Android operating system.

On the back, it could very well sport an 8-megapixel or higher quality photo snapper, complemented by a front camera for making video calls. As expected, it would also include all the usual connectivity capabilities, along with the entire range of sensors.

For the time being, however, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is nothing more than a simple concept phone. However, we should expect for Samsung to announce details on its plans for a new device in the phablet series sometime next year.

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