Samsung Galaxy Camera Sells Online Through TELUS

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean photo and video shooter extends its availability

Samsung's Galaxy Camera is getting so much attention because it is the closest thing to a hybrid between a digital camera and a smartphone.

For all its hype, this product took quite a while to become available for sale. It even took longer in the US and Canada than in Europe.

Nevertheless, the item is available in Canada. It has been up for sale there since December 7-8 actually.

Oddly though, while Black's Photo street stores have been selling it for weeks, there has been a distinct shortage of online shopping possibilities.

TELUS has remedied that unfortunate situation. A provider of television, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services, it has begun to accept orders for the device. All it takes is to have $599.99 / 460 Euro in the bank.

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