Samsung Galaxy Camera Reaches UK on November 8, 2012, Priced

The point-and-shoot smartphone will be sold in white and black

The Galaxy Camera, with its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and 16.1 megapixel image sensor, will ship in the United Kingdom soon, for £399.99. Jessops says so at any rate.

Curiously, Samsung is making this announcement even though it has yet to reveal the US pricing. We have heard that European countries will have it up for 599 Euro though, if they don't already.

That may not exactly be the manufacturer recommended price though, but it is all we've got, which means that we might be looking at $599-$699 in the States, give or take.

To get back to the point, in the UK, the camera will sell from November 8, 2012 onwards, in black and white. Back at IFA 2012, we got to play with red versions too, but Samsung either doesn't plan on shipping it anymore or it decided not to offer it everywhere.

Samsung's official brand store will supposedly begin deliveries a day early (November 7, 2012), from 5pm.

Galaxy Camera is a curious thing. That it will be sold in the US via AT&T, a cellphone carrier, would be enough to make that obvious.

Essentially, this is a smartphone with camera parts. It isn't as thin of course, and the lens (23mm aperture) objective can pull in and out, but there are few other moving parts.

Normally, a camera would have a whole bunch of buttons and dials. Galaxy Camera uses a touchscreen display instead.

A 16.1-megapixel image sensor is present, along with 21x optical zoom, a quad-core ARM processor (1.4GHz), 3G radio (4G in the US) and, of course, wireless connectivity: HSPA+, WiFi a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

An HDMI output is present as well. Since there are 8 GB of integrated storage, and it is possible to add a microSDXC card as well, it is more than possible for long videos to exist on the camera at any given time. Directly streaming them to monitors or TVs can be quite convenient.

It should be easy to snap high-quality images and share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking outlets. Recording Full HD video (1080p) and 120fps slow-motion 720p videos is possible too.

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