Samsung Galaxy Camera Finally Selling in the US, AT&T Wants $500

This is a lower tag than expected after the news from Europe and Australia

AT&T is finally accepting orders for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, the device that is as much a smartphone as it is a digital camera.

The company wants $499.99 in exchange for each one, which is less than the equivalent of the prices in Australia and Europe, or at least the UK.

The other day, Australian store Harvey Norman began taking orders for the item at $569 AUD, which is the same as $615 / 482 Euro, according to exchange rates.

Likewise, back on November 5, we found the camera listed for £399.99 in the UK, which would mean $634 / 498 Euro.

Seeing the price of $499.99 on AT&T US is a relief really, at this point. While still a lot for a photo and video capture device, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and 16-megapixel sensor should mollify prospective buyers.

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