Samsung GT-i8350 with Windows Phone Emerges

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics is reportedly gearing up for the launch of a new Windows Phone handset, one that would become the direct successor of the company's Omnia 7 handset.

Samsung was named among the launch partners for Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango OS, and we knew that the vendor was preparing the release of new devices based on the platform, but no specific info on the handset was available until now.

However, a user agent profile (UAProf) of the Samsung GT-i8350 shows that the company might have this device included among the first series of Mango-powered handsets.

What the said agent string shows is that this mobile phone will arrive on the market with the IE9 browser on board, which leaves little room for speculation when it comes to the operating system it would be based on.

Windows Phone Mango was unveiled previously this year with the new Internet Explorer Mobile 9 on board, and this is the platform the Samsung's GT-i8350 will land on shelves with.

Moreover, the said UAProf (found by nanapho) unveils that the new device will arrive on the market with a screen capable of boasting a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, and that it would sport Bluetooth 2.1 and HSPA+ connectivity capabilities as well.

As UnwiredView notes in a recent article, the new mobile phone was already added to the handset vendor's website, though its page does not offer any info at the moment.

Last year, Samsung came to the market with more than just one Windows Phone device, and chances are that it would launch more than one such device this year as well.

This means that Samsung GT-i8350 will soon be accompanied by more new Windows Phone devices on the company's website, most probably targeted at various segments of the market.

However, it remains to be seen what hardware Samsung would pack inside these mobile phone since nothing was confirmed on it for the time being.

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