Samsung Formally Launches New Smart Cameras

The WB250F and DV150F mark the beginning of the Smart Camera 2.0 line

Most of the recent news about Samsung has been ambivalent at best, but the company isn't showing signs that it is too worried. Its announcement that two new cameras are ready to sell was issued without reservations.

By ambivalent news, we mean to say that reports about Samsung and its products haven't all been reassuring or exciting.

While it did set up a new strategy and innovation center and prepared a wireless charging plate, it also lost some ground in its case with Apple, decided to stop making tablet keyboard docks and has found itself faced with the reality that some of its notebooks have a very dangerous UEFI BIOS bug.

The WB250F long-zoom Smart Camera 2.0, and DV150F DualView cameras should help the corporation get back to its normal business flow.

The former camera is the so-called flagship and has 18x optical zoom, a 14.2-megapixel image sensor and a lightweight form factor.

A touch LCD screen and five-way navigational keys make up the navigational interface, while Best Face feature chooses the best expression out of a burst shot set.

The other camera (DV150F) is a dual-view model with a 1.48-inch (38mm) front LCD screen, the usual back screen, Wi-Fi support, easy photo sharing via Direct link button, 5x optical zoom, a 16.2 MP sensor (CCD).

Multiple case colors are available for both devices. The WB250F is shipping in white, cobalt black, gun metal and red, while the DV150F comes in cobalt black, white, and plum.

The WB250F has a MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) of $249.99 / 186.77-249.99 Euro, while the DV300F sells for $149.99 / 112.06-149.99 Euro.

Samsung's Smart Camera 2.0 series possess AutoShare (automatic image backup to connected phones or tablets), quick editing and uploads, Remote Viewfinder usability, MobileLink, etc. All these features are part of a single downloadable smartphone/tablet program, simply named Smart Camera app.

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