Samsung Finds Problems at HEG Chinese Company, but No Child Labor

105 exclusive Chinese contractors will be investigated by September's end

China Labor Watch has already pronounced HEG as not guilty of using child labor, but Samsung conducted an examination of its own, and intends to repeat the process for 105 other contractors.

105 is the number of exclusive Samsung contractors based in China, and the corporation is considering inspections at non-exclusive contractors as well.

We aren't sure what to expect, exactly, but we doubt everything will turn up clean, even if the companies have forewarning. At least Samsung will get a bit of positive advertising for reacting fully. We may even say it needs it after its recent, big blunder.

That said, HEG wasn't found to truly be operating to specifications. While evidence of child labor wasn't found, excessive overtime was an issue and some unsafe practices were discovered as well.

Learning that workers who came in late were punished according to a system of fines didn't sit well with the inspectors either.

Hopefully, HEG will do something about all these problems.

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