Samsung Finds Fix for Galaxy S III’s Sudden Death Issue

The company will release a software update for the device soon

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has reportedly found a solution to an issue that affects its Galaxy S III devices, and which usually results in phones dying unexpectedly.

The problem was reported over a month ago on the forums, and many users have confirmed similar issues with their devices. The discussion thread over at the XDA-Developers Forum, for example, is already over 100 pages long.

Apparently, the international flavor of the flagship Android handset was affected by this, along with some other localized flavors, though the carrier-branded units sold in the United States were said to be out of danger.

With no official explanation for the issue, users went to Samsung’s service centers to have their devices fixed and were provided with new motherboards for their units.

According to some, the handset is dying after 150 – 200 days of use. However, Samsung would replace the motherboard inside affected devices regardless of whether they have been rooted or not.

New info on this has emerged, unveiling that the hardware itself is not the main problem, and that all might be resolved through a software update.

In fact, reports that Samsung is already aware of the issue, and that a company representative has officially confirmed that the vendor has started to work on a fix for it.

The news site also notes that the issue is not as widespread as initially believed, and that only the 16GB flavor of the smartphone has been affected by it.

The leading mobile phone maker hasn’t provided specific info on when the aforementioned firmware update would arrive on Galaxy S III devices.

Hopefully, Samsung will make it available for download sooner rather than later, so that the number of users affected by the problem is kept to a minimum. Keep an eye on this space for additional details on the matter.

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