Samsung: Enterprises Should Just Adopt SSDs Already

The company didn't quite use those words, but the message is clear

People may find the occasional Samsung hard disk drive up for sale here and there, but the company doesn't really have a stake in the market, unlike WD, Seagate and Toshiba.

As such, it isn't bound to miss a chance to speak against the storage product type, or rather speak for the alternative to magnetic platter spinners.

Long story short, the company is urging enterprise customers to replace the hard disk drives in their key server applications with SSDs.

Currently, many data centers with HDDs are used, and Samsung wants to change this, as SSDs are faster, more reliable and efficient.

That they are expensive is really the only problem at this point, not counting the capacity difference that is unlikely to ever go away. Fortunately, it is decreasing every day.

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