Samsung Dive Service Available for Wave and Galaxy S Owners

Free of charge, but requires registration

Samsung Wave and Galaxy S users will be happy to find that their devices will come with a new Samsung Dive service, which will remotely wipe data stored on the phone, in case the device has been lost or stolen. As smartphones become more sophisticated, users are able to store more personal information on them. As such, losing a phone together with all the information stored can become a real inconvenience.

The Samsung Dive service comes as an extension of Mobile Tracker, and will help Samsung Wave and Galaxy S owners wipe all their personal information if they have lost their devices. The service requires registration and activation. Besides owning a specified smartphone (Samsung Wave or Galaxy S), users will also need a Samsung account to be able to register for the Samsung Dive service.

From the Samsung Wave S8500 device, tap the "My Accounts" option on the Home Screen, select the "Samsung" account option, and if you already have a Samsung account, simply enter your email address and password, or select the "Join Now" option and follow the simple instructions, if you don’t have an Account.

Using the Samsung Dive Mobile Tracker service will allow users to: receive notifications when the SIM card in the phone is changed; remotely lock their phone; remotely wipe their phone; receive the location of their phone (for legal reasons, this may not be available in some countries).

Basically, when you lost your device, you will be able to lock it via Samsung Dive. Do this by enabling Mobile Tracker and signing in to your Samsung account. In addition, you will have to verify the phone number. A locked handset can be unlocked with the phone password. Unfortunately, Samsung Dive service is only available in UK and Germany for the moment, but the company stated that more countries might be added soon.


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