Samsung Details Camera Enhancements for Galaxy S III

Features such as Burst Shot, Best Photo, voice commands and HDR-Mode are included

Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone is already a great handset, but the South Korean mobile phone maker appears to believe that it can offer even more to its users.

Thus, it has made available a series of updates for the device, which brought various enhancements to the user experience, including some improvements to the camera.

The phone’s camera was announced with zero shutter lag, and things have gotten a bit better, it seems. Users are now able to take even more shots, all by simply pressing the capture button over and over again.

In a recent post on its official blog, Samsung detailed some of the features of Galaxy S III’s camera, including the Burst Shot and Best Photo functionality that users are bound to love on their phones.

With Burst Shot, one can take up to 20 consecutive photos with the camera, which should prove a great option when interested in capturing more of a specific action.

Moreover, with the Best Photo function, users can choose the best of eight consecutive photos, while also enjoying anti-shake, smile shot, and anti-blink features.

“When you take photos, you probably have taken plenty of pictures where your friends have their eyes closed or snapped blurry photos,” Samsung notes.

“Now, that problem can be easily solved with Best Photo function because it figures out the optimal photo for you. You can see the thumbs up icon on the picture below, representing the photo that you smart camera chose for you.”

The camera on this phone also works with voice commands, so that users won’t have to keep their finger on the camera button at all times. Galaxy S III also comes with panorama features, enabling people to capture more of a landscape.

An included HDR-Mode allows users to control the darkness and brightness of a photo through setting the exposure values as they consider it best fitted.

“You can also record a video with 1080P Full-HD. When you record a video, you can set various modes such as Black and White or Negative mode. It supports a format for MMS attachments, and you can keep track of the size of the video file on the screen,” Samsung also notes.

Galaxy S III users might also be aware of the fact that their device is capable of taking photos while simultaneously shooting a video.

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