Samsung Corruption Forces Lawmaker Out of Parliament [AP]

The South Korean supreme court forced him out of office

Sometimes the price of justice can be harsh, as Progressive Justice Party member Roh Hoe-chan found out for himself.

A member of the South Korean Parliament, now former member, the man published conversations between executives at Samsung on the Internet.

It was the decision of the country's Supreme Court that he broke communications laws by doing so.

The case has been a long one, having been started back in 2005 when the conversations between Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee’s aide and his brother-in-law were recorded during surveillance carried out by the country's national intelligence services.

Roh himself does not regret his actions, in spite of the ruling. He has been a vocal critic of Samsung for many years, and is bound to remain so, even though he won't be able to call for investigations into its business practices anymore.

The report was made by the Associated Press.

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