Samsung Continuum Is the First Smartphone with SRS WideSurround

Samsung Continuum, a Galaxy S device, the new Android-based mobile phone that Verizon Wireless launched not too long ago, is said to be the first smartphone to pack SRS WideSurround, the commercial solution from SRS Labs, Inc.

According to the company, the inclusion of this technology inside the Samsung Continuum can deliver the ultimate in immersive surround sound via the built-in stereo speakers.

Courtesy of SRS WideSurround, the Samsung Continuum can offer its users a theater-like surround sound, regardless whether they are listening to music or they are watching movies and TV shows on their smartphones.

“Today’s smartphones either carry or have access to massive libraries of songs, movies and TV shows but, unfortunately, almost all of these mobile devices suffer the drawback of collapsed audio, due to their small and closely spaced speaker configurations,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs.

“As a result, it’s nearly impossible to experience an immersive surround experience from a mobile device.

“To address this inherent shortcoming, we have developed SRS WideSurround, which eliminates this challenge and effectively delivers a compelling and dynamic audio experience through the phone’s built-in stereo speakers.”

Another recognition of the company's position among consumer brands comes from SRS Labs' inclusion in the 2010 America’s Greatest Brands, which makes it the only ingredient brand in audio in the publication's history.

“To commemorate this event, SRS is running a Facebook-exclusive sweepstakes featuring two Samsung Galaxy S smartphones and a Samsung Galaxy Tab bonus prize,” the company announced.

“To enter for your chance to win, please visit The sweepstakes is running now through December 1, 2010.”

SRS WideSurround was designed so as to create an expansive personal surround field that would ensure that the overall audio experience is significantly improved.

Smartphones that come with the technology included, such as the Continuum, should be able to offer to their users features like:

- A wider surround sound image, so that audio appears to come from around the user and not narrowly emanating from the device itself.

- Greater dynamic audio range, so that the precious highs and lows of a song or movie are retained

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