Samsung Builds Fridge with Built-in Sodastream [Forbes]

Not only is the refrigerator huge, it has a water carbonator to boot

It used to be big news when refrigerators had ice dispensers, but Samsung figured it might as well add a different feature to its new refrigerator.

A reusable Sodastream CO2 canister was chosen as main part of the water carbonator.

It even allows the level of carbonation to be adjusted according to taste. Seltzer lovers (Seltzer being the name of CO2 water mixer) can feel free to rejoice at the news.

Other than that, the Seltzer refrigerator is a normal enough fridge, insofar as huge, double-door household appliance can be considered normal.

The price of the appliance is $3,899. That's between 2,914 Euro (according to exchange rates) and the more likely 3,899 Euro.

Stores around the world, online and otherwise, should begin accepting orders soon, according to Forbes news agency.

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