Samsung Apologizes for Fatal Acid Leak

The company will revoke its application to get the plants certified as green

People may remember the stir caused by that acid gas leak that killed a maintenance worker and left Samsung with a small fine of $1000 / 740 Euro.

The authorities investigated the case further, and found that residents living in the area around the plant could have been endangered.

Samsung has now publicly apologized for the incident and begun an overhaul of the existing infrastructure.

The company has also lost its ability to “sidestep” governmental checks on the facilities' environmental impact.

On that note, Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun said that Samsung would revoke its application to get “green” certification for another five years.

The police are still investigating the cause and effects of the spill. Since hydrofluoric acid is a colorless acute poison that can damage the lungs and bones and even affect the nervous system, they aren't taking this lightly. More coverage on Yonhap News.

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