Samsung Announces Press Event for March 22nd in France

The vendor could launch Galaxy S Advance or another device in the country

Samsung is gearing up for a press event in France as soon as March 22nd. The South Korean mobile phone maker has already announced plans for that, but did not unveil what would be launched at the meeting.

However, rumors on the matter have already started to emerge, and some suggest that the vendor might announce the next-generation Galaxy S III smartphone at the event, since it would be Android-related.

While this is not out of the question, it is highly unlikely that the company will be launching the smartphone so soon after the Mobile World Congress.

After all, they did say that the high-end device would not be ready for the most important mobile event of the year, and we can’t imagine that it will be launched only three weeks after that.

Not to mention that Samsung's Marketing Executive, Younghee Lee, said that the phone would be made official closer to its market availability and March appears a bit too soon for that (Galaxy S devices have usually been brought to important markets, such as US, only in the second half of the summer).

Previous reports suggested that the phone could become official only sometime in May (though April was also mentioned at a certain moment), closer to its international availability.

That would also be just before Apple’s WWDC in June, where the next iPhone is expected - and Samsung might actually plan on stealing Apple’s thunder this year, Pocketnow suggests.

As for what said press event in France would be all about, reports emerged on the possible unveiling of the new Galaxy S Advance in the country.

The large Galaxy Note for France or another device might be revealed at the event, maybe something that we haven’t yet heard of.

Since no official info on the matter has been unveiled, we’ll have to sit tight and wait for March 22nd to arrive to learn more on this.

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