Samsung Announces 20nm, Fourth-Generation Green Memory

Both solid-state drives and DDR3 memory modules have been launched

In order to cover all the facets of the enterprise market that it has technologies for, Samsung launched both random access memory as well as NAND storage memory based on the 20nm manufacturing process technology.

That means that Samsung has new DRAM memory modules and solid-state drives for enterprise servers and server storage arrays.

Samsung advertises its new products as the fourth generation of green memory solutions.

One device is the SM843 SSD, with SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface support. It is aimed at server systems, but could serve consumers just as well. PCs use SATA too, after all.

Another one is the SM1625, whose SAS interface is better suited for enterprise storage and backup.

As far as DDR3 goes, the company began production of 20 nm-class 4 Gb DDR3 last month (October 2012). 20nm 2 Gb DDD3 dates back to September.

Samsung did not go into details about how many new modules and kits we should expect, or what capacities the SSDs possess. We imagine such details will be established in contract negotiations with client corporations and businesses.

It did, however, broadly explain how much better 20nm technology was compared to 40nm. In fact, Samsung promises that using 20nm-class DRAM and SSD storage instead of 40nm DRAM and HDDs leads to a power consumption drop of 20% and a performance rise to 600%.

Thus, if all current systems, severs included, were to atop 10% of SSDs and 20% of DDR3, the world would save 3.5 terawatts of energy per hour starting in 2013.

That means 2.41-million ton savings of greenhouse gases, which is the same effect as what would happen if the world were to plant 60 million 10-year-old trees.

"With the introduction of Samsung's advanced green memory solutions, the shared value created through the technology advances are adopted to PC platforms enhancing consumer experience and thus contributing to the expansion of an eco-friendly IT industry," says Wanhoon Hong, executive vice president of memory sales and marketing.

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