Samsung Abruptly Replaces Brazil Management Team

Despite the leadership of that division beating HP in the region, Samsung swaps

One would think that overcoming all competition in a region sales-wise would be ground for a promotion or continued employment.

Strangely enough, Samsung isn't showing this to the management team of its Brazil division, despite its defeating HP there.

Instead, the report says Samsung felt that the profit level in the country, which is an emerging market, wasn't up to scruff.

As such, the corporation is choosing other people to handle things in that country.

Curiously enough, Samsung is doing this even though it deliberately kept prices low in the region throughout 2012 in order to become the largest PC brand there by the end of December.

On the other hand, it isn't economically sound to let PC prices go too low, which seems to have happened, hence the replacement of the head body.

Samsung hasn't commented on this rumor.

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