Samsung 4 GB DDR3 Modules Get More Expensive

The company is trying to make up for the time and money lost between 2008 and 2011

Samsung, one of the major remaining DRAM manufacturers, is taking the next step in the mission to turn the DRAM industry around.

Since DRAM prices have finally stopped dropping this year, the company intends to see prices going back up, at least a bit.

According to Digitimes, the latest step in this endeavor was to encourage the price increase for 4 GB DDR3 modules.

Currently, they are sold for around $21.50, but Samsung hopes to drive them to $25-27 by the end of the year. That's a jump from 17.06 Euro to 19-21 Euro, according to exchange rates.

It's debatable whether or not Samsung will pull it off. The worldwide economy is still not in its best shape and, though contract prices have hiked since January, the process has been slowing down since May.

It doesn't help that PC makers have reservations about the third quarter. Normally, Q3 would be expected to encourage IT sales all around, being the back-to-school season, but that doesn't apply this time around.

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