Samba 3.6.10 Brings Multiple Fixes, Download Now

The developers of Samba have implemented a large number of important changes

Samba, an app that seamlessly integrates Linux/Unix servers and desktops into Active Directory environments using the winbind daemon, is now at version Samba 3.6.10.

This new release in the stable branch of Samba integrates some pretty important changes and fixes, including some for Solaris.

Users have to know that it is possible to upgrade from Samba 3.x to Samba 4.x and they must use 'samba-tool domain classicupgrade' command.

Users upgrading from previous versions in the 4.x branch, should run 'samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix' before re-starting Samba. Users upgrading from earlier alpha releases should contact the team for advice.

Highlights of Samba 3.6.10:

• Samba now respond correctly to FILE_STREAM_INFO requests;

• A segfault that occurred when the "default devmode" was disabled, has been fixed;

• Segfaults in "log level = 10", on Solaris systems, have been fixed;

• ACL masks incorrectly applied when setting the ACLs. This bug has been corrected;

• smb2.acls torture test now passed against smbd with a POSIX ACLs backend;

• The use of <smbconfoption> tag has been repaired;

• A work around for the 'winbind use default domain' (only if it is set) has been implemented;

• 'net ads join' now provides AES keys in the host keytab;

• Lookup nametype 0x20 in rpc_pipe_open_tcp_port() now works properly;

• A ncacn_ip_tcp reconnection code for lsa lookups has been repaired;

• Users can now force DNS updates using net;

• Optimizations for the SMB2 performance sensitive workloads have been implemented;

• Large read requests no longer causes the server to issue a malformed reply;

• lib/addns now works properly with a bind9 server;

• MD5 detection in the autoconf build has been fixed and it's working properly;

• Some leaking sockets, from SMB connections to a DC, have been repaired.

Check out the official announcement for a detailed description of the update process and various other changes in the software.

Download SambaSamba 3.6.10 right now from Softpedia.

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