Sam Worthington Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Actor had to be subdued with pepper spray, handcuffs after brawl with bouncer

Sam Worthington, whom fans remember best from “Avatar” but also from the critically-panned last “Terminator” film, was arrested over the weekend after getting into a brawl with a bouncer.

The actor was intoxicated at the time of the incident, and could only be subdued with pepper spray and handcuffs, TMZ reports.

Since word of this got out, Sam has already walked out of detention a free man because the bodyguard who filed the complaint against him was a no-show in court, so no charges could be brought against the star.

“Cops say the ‘Avatar’ star was at Vortex, a restaurant in Atlanta, when he was refused entrance because people at the door felt he was too intoxicated... this after he got into an argument because he didn't have the ID required to get inside the club,” TMZ reports.

“According to the police report, a witness told cops Worthington became disorderly. He allegedly pushed the doorman twice and the doorman responded by pepper spraying him and putting him in cuffs until the cops arrived,” the same media outlet notes.

The brawl was captured on surveillance cameras. Worthington was arrested for fighting, disorderly conduct.

In a separate post, TMZ reports that it managed to speak with the bouncer, Jerry Link, who reveals that Worthington was drunk and dressed like a homeless man when he tried to gain access into the restaurant.

Even more curiously, after he was pepper-sprayed and cuffed, he started yelling that he was a DEA agent and that the bouncer had “really [expletive]-ed up now” because he’d messed with the wrong guy.

Worthington is an actor (obviously), but he is playing a DEA agent on the movie he’s working now, TMZ notes: he will be seen next in “Ten,” which also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terrence Howard and Malin Akerman, and will be out sometime in 2013.

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