Sam Gordon: Girl Football Player's Highlight Reel Goes Viral

9-year-old Gordon plays in an all-boys team, swoops right past them

Thanks to proud father Brent Gordon, who uploaded a highlight reel of the accomplishments of his 9-year-old daughter Sam, we now have a proper measure of excellence.

The video has proved quite popular on YouTube, with more than 800,000 views in less than three days.

This is the young player's first year of football, having switched from soccer, the Huffington Post reports.

Her jersey number, 6, was chosen in honor of former Brigham Young University running back Luke Staley.

Her fearless nature and top scoring results in speed and agility tests, in which she surpassed the other players in an all-boys team, got her the starting quarterback position.

Even from the first match, she was impressive, displaying speed and a fierce warrior instinct.

Young Sam ended the season with 35 touchdowns, 232 carries, 65 tackles, and ran a total of 1,911 yards (1,747 meters), about 8.2 yards (7,5 meters) per carry.

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