Safeguarding the Sea Turtles' Nesting Grounds Is Crucial for Ensuring Their Survival

These marine reptiles are threatened by both climate change and pollution

Several researchers now warn that, if sea turtles are to escape becoming extinct either because of pollution, or because of the environmental changes brought about by climate change and global warming, then their nesting grounds must receive immediate protection.

As conservationists explain, the world's sea turtle population has been steadily declining over the past few years, and climate change must be held accountable for this phenomenon.

According to ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Dr. Mariana Fuentes wished to draw attention to the fact that, “Climate change can affect their nesting beaches through sea level rise, stronger cyclones and storms; high temperatures can cause their eggs to die before they hatch, or produce an unnatural breeding ratio and adversely affect their food sources.”

Therefore, any attempts to safeguard sea turtles must necessarily go hand in hand with efforts to tackle climate change and global warming.

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