Sacha Baron Cohen Shocks as Ali G with Savile Joke – Video

Rapper makes a return to TV to collect Outstanding Achievement Award at Comedy Awards

Ali G, hate him or love him, does not know the concept of “limits.” His jokes are often dubbed offensive and frequently in bad taste, but even more people consider him hysterical and clever.

Ali G is actually one of the most famous personas of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and, though retired for quite some time, the faux gangster made a special appearance the other night at the Comedy Awards, where he received the Outstanding Achievement Award.

However, times have been rough on Ali G, as the video above will confirm.

Because he’s no longer getting airplay, he’s now buying his fancy and shiny tracksuits at the second-hand shop, he said, turning with his back to the audience to reveal the name “Savile” written on the back.

“I ain't ever heard of this label,” Ali G said.

He might not have heard of the name, but many others have – and they feel offended by the joke. Late Jimmy Savile, a media personality back in the UK, is believed to have been one of the most prolific rapists in the country, based on evidence emerged after his death last year.

So, let me know: is Cohen’s joke funny or in bad taste?

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