SaaS Offer on Responding to Data Loss Breaches

Post-incident training for companies often attacked by hackers

CO3 Systems will offer its customers the opportunity to get a proper training on what to do and how to handle things after a data loss breach has occurred.

The company's highly trained team of privacy experts, security professionals, and proven software entrepreneurs will make sure those in need will be advised on matters such as assessing the event for compliance risk, generating an incident response plan and managing the process.

From Dark Reading, we find out about the company's plans to help organizations in a way not attempted so far.

"The security industry is focused on pre-incident. There's very little on post-incident," Ted Julian, chief marketing officer at Co3 Systems, says.

He believes that in such cases everything needs to be done in a certain way. Companies currently have their own methods which in many occasions result in financial loss.

Manual processes and spreadsheets don't seem to be enough and that's why CO3's SaaS wants to focus more on the business process involved. Working with the legal and PR teams and getting in contact with regulators are just a couple of things that the new service will provide in detail to customers.

According to Jon Oltsik, principal analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, "All of those things have to be coordinated, and need to be managed."

The new offering also incorporates regulatory reporting requirements for all the parties involved in the after events of a security breach. Departments like IT, security, the legal department and the finance and audit groups, will all have to be trained on how to handle such critical situations.

Currently, companies fail to manage these situations in an efficient manner. Everything is done in haste and in many cases chaos overtakes these processes.

Besides legal advice, the SaaS also offers disclosure letter templates, contact information, in the end providing a solution from which all the involved departments will benefit.

The service will be available shortly and it can be tried out freely for a 90-day period. Potential customers can choose from two packages, depending on the data loss incidents they believe will occur each year.

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