SPB Time Goes 3.0 for Windows Mobile

With new alarms, new features, and support for widgets

Leading provider of mobile applications SPB Software announced on Tuesday the release of a new version of SPB Time, its best-selling Windows Mobile time toolset. According to the company, the new SPB Time 3.0 comes as a major update for the popular app and delivers a brand new, reconsidered user interface, as well as a series of improved alarm features.

There are three types of alarms that users can enjoy with the new SPB Time 3.0, depending on their needs. The Paranoid can easily wake up sleepers, the Bio alarm is meant to be a gentle way of waking, while the Classic alarm proves a great option for those who don't like being disturbed too much in the morning.

“A lot of features were reworked in the design aspect. For example, 'World Time' feature is presented as a realistic looking 3D model of the Earth with chosen cities designated as spots on the surface. Countdown screen is supplemented with a picture of sandglass where the sand pours out as time goes. The splendour of these interface solutions are accompanied by a vast choice of skins in an online catalog,” the company also states.

The features list of SPB Time 3.0 shows:

- Snappier, better looking user interface;

- Classic, Paranoid and Bio alarms;

- More than 20 alarm tunes;

- Online skins catalog;

- SPB Mobile Shell widgets;

- Scrollable Calendar with weeks numbers;

- Moon phases.

SPB Software also notes that the new SPB Time 3.0 is a Windows Mobile application that can benefit from SPB Mobile Shell's widget system. Those who will go for the new app will be able to enjoy four widgets, including City Time, Moon Phase, Next Alarm, and Stop Watch. The new software solution version can be used on any handset running under Windows Mobile 5 or higher and, while a 15-day free trial is available for download, the app costs $14.95.

However, those who already purchased an older version will enjoy a 50 percent discount when upgrading to SPB Time 3.0. Moreover, those who purchased it within the last 90 days will be able to upgrade to the new variant for free. You can download the trial flavor of SPB Time 3.0 from Softpedia too, via this link.


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