SPB TV 2.0 Arrives on Windows Phone

Leading mobile software developer SPB Software has just announced the release of SPB TV for Windows Phone 7 devices, meant to provide users with a compelling and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Windows Phone users now have the possibility to enjoy the best in class solution for watching live mobile TV and video on demand, already highly popular among users of other mobile operating systems.

SPB TV already has over 6 million mobile users, and, with the launch on Windows Phone, it should gain even more of them, since it covers all major mobile platforms out there, the company notes.

The SPB TV solution comes with a unique mobile client, and with a unique interface, while being optimized for meeting all of the requirements mobile TV viewers would have.

The experience offered is similar to the one users receive at home from their TVs. It provides users with the possibility to fully control channels and with a wide range of other features as well.

“The user has an opportunity to make an informed decision about the channel to watch even without launching it. A channel selection screen provides all the needed information about the running TV program including a screenshot and TV guide information,” the company notes.

“While the selected channel is streaming full-screen, the user can choose another channel by seeing a preview picture of it in Picture-in-Picture mode. This makes switching between channels on mobile devices easy and natural.”

The application also comes with Smooth Streaming technology, through which the playback of content is being optimized through modifying the video quality in real time and adjusting the stream according to the available bandwidth.

Some of the main features that Windows Phone 7 users would enjoy with this application include:

More than 150 TV channels from more than 20 countries, subscription free

Unique TV browser with fast channel launching and switching

Integrated TV Guide with a list of current & upcoming TV shows


Network bandwidth fluctuations support

Onscreen controls.

The new SPB TV 2.0 application is already available for download through the Windows Phone Marketplace, free of charge, and without the need to pay a subscription fee. It should be used over a 3G or WiFi network connection.

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