SOLDIERX HDB: The World’s Largest Hacker Database

The details of around 1,000 famous hackers are included

SOLDIERX – a community of hackers, programmers, pentesters and other experts – is believed to have the largest public hacker database in the world.

Jay Turla of the Infosec Institute has published an interesting article on SOLDIERX. The expert believes that the hacker database, dubbed SOLDIERX HDB, could represent an important resource for the OSINT community.

“The SOLDIERX HDB is the world’s largest public hacker database on the net and is rumored to be rivaled only by the FBI’s hacker database,” Turla explained.

“Their hacker database contains a list of programmers, developers, black hats, white hats, security researchers, fake ethical hackers, hacktivists, packet kiddies, click kiddies, script kiddies, security professionals, heroes of computer revolution, hardware hackers, ch1xors, game hackers, and those who have embraced and embodied the hacker culture.”

According to my count, there are around 1,000 entries, each containing a biography, facts, rumors and references.

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