SOE Has 3-Year Plan for Planetside 2, Hopes Players Stick with It Until 2025

Gamers will get to offer feedback on future features and mechanics

John Smedley, the leader of Sony Online Entertainment, says that his team has long-term plans for the recently launched MMO Planetside 2 and that the next 3 years of content launches are already laid out and will be revealed to the fan base at some point in the near future.

Writing on his own blog, the developer says, “We have games that have run for over 13 years, so when we’re making Planetside 2 we aren’t looking at what it’s like in 2012. We’re thinking about a game we plan to have running in 2025.”

“We have a 3 year plan. That’s really big. We plan on putting that out to the users at some point in the near future. This isn’t some ‘vision’ we plan on imparting on our players. It’s our thoughts on what we think would be cool,” her adds.

Planteside 2 is an ambitious project because it marries the core structure of the MMO genre with first-person shooter mechanics, which have traditionally failed to capture the imagination of players in the way the RPG has done.

The game allows any player to join one of the three factions, customize his character and then get involved in the fight for the three continents of the planet Auraxis.

The game is using a free-to-play structure, but gives a number of game advantages to those who are willing to pay a monthly subscription.

Sony Online Entertainment has already said that it wants to offer more content for the MMO soon after launch and adding support for eSports is one of the biggest priorities at the moment.

There are also plans for a number of tweaks to the game mechanics, which will be introduced after the player base is consulted.

The first Planetside was launched in 2003 and continued to receive content updates until 2009.

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